Sadiya has Approved 2020 July Stipend for batch A/B Volunteers

Sadiya-We Have Approved July Stipend All those complaining of not being paid are ghost workers Summary of of Sadiya Umar Farouq Speech on NTA One On One talk show, as her ministry clocks one year of existence.

Sadiya Umar Farouq started by Wishing the entire ministry One Year of Purposeful leadership and commitment, our ministry has proved to be active in this time of covid-19 pandemic, we are at the forefront in providing reliefs materials and aid to affected persons, groups and the nation at large.

Many issues were discussed, only the ones relating to the Npower programme are outlined below

Sadiya we Have Approved Npower July Stipend

The Minister made mention of approving the already delayed July Stipends for disengaged volunteers, according to her, before the month of August will span through, July stipends would have been paid, meaning next week, all stipends will be paid to authentic volunteers

No Permanency for Npower batch A and B

There is no permanency, that which volunteers are seeking, is totally impossible for the government at this critical time we find our selves, the government has did it best, it paid volunteers for 40 months, what else could they asked for?

Many of them now own businesses that can cater for them, we want more Nigerians to benefit form this empowerment programme

Exit Package Awaits Volunteers Batch A and B

All exited Volunteers will be given exit package, their names are with the Accountant General of the Federation, when funds are approved , we will tell volunteers how to access it.

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