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That the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development have exited N-Power Batches A and B Beneficiaries is no longer news.

In our previous publication, we stated that the NEXIT site which is created for the Exited N-Power beneficiaries to have access to some incentives through the partnership of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development and the Central Bank of Nigeria was not yet out, we are therefore glad to announce to you that the site is live and running as we speak.

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We humbly advise our readers especially those who are Batches A and B Npower volunteers to kindly visit the site, enter their details and register for the Federal Government package for them through the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development. Please note that the site is created for Npower volunteers, Batches A and B only.

In regards to the opening of the website, the Federal Government has asked Npower volunteers to watch out for a text message that will provide their Login details to the NEXIT Portal. This is stated below;

Nexit Proposed Exit Packages

having understood that the exit package will be funded by the Central Bank of Nigeria, Npower volunteers should expect their exit package in The following format:

  1. Beneficiaries may be asked to borrow an interest free loans with repayment plans and moratorium.
  2. The Federal Government may reinstate Exited volunteers into their payroll, i.e. beneficiaries may start receiving another tranche of monthly stipend from an updated and improved Government payment platform.
  3. Beneficiaries may be linked to some Government MDAs or parastatal to continue working and earn.
  4. Volunteers, may be linked to entrepreneurship businesses that will see them grow and become big players in entrepreneurship industry.

These above packages and terms of exit are the probable exit packages put in place by the Federal Government for Exited Npower beneficiaries and the Exited beneficiaries are advised to stay glued to the official N-Power Twitter Page for more updates on their exit packages which is @npower_ng.

Exited beneficiaries should also keep in touch with us Npowerupdate.com for more updates. You can also follow our social media channels such as our Facebook Page: web.facebook.com/Npowerupdate

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NEXIT Portal Launch

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