What to Do When You Encounter Any Issue During NEXIT Portal Registration

All Exited Npower volunteers having issues during their registration process on the Nexit Portal, here is a list of what to do when you encounter any issue during Nexit portal registration.

Those who have registered on the Nexit portal and are having issues such as not getting the verification email in their mailbox, can get the email verification again by doing the following; Login into your account to resend the verification link.

When you login, there is an option for verification link resend. When you try this and you still did not receive the verification email, then it is advised you send an email to N-SIP Support Team.

To those who are Exited Npower batches A and B beneficiaries, if you have Signed Up on the Nexit portal and the portal could not recognize your email or any of your data, or peradventure you no longer have access to the email address you used during the course of your Npower registration, or you encountered any problems at the course of your Nexit Registration which you cannot fix yourself, you are therefore advised to send the following informations below to the N-SIP Support Team Email Address which is: support@n-sip.gov.ng

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Informations to Send to N-SIP Email

  1. N-Power Registration number:
  2. First Name:
  3. Middle Name:
  4. Surname:
  5. Date of Birth:
  6. BVN:
  7. State of Residence:
  8. LGA of residence:
  9. Address when registering for the N-Power program:
  10. Programme:
  11. Batch:
  12. Old Email Address:
  13. New Email address:
  14. Phone Number:

Regards NSIP Team

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