Beautiful Cities in Nigeria Good for Tourism

Nigeria is a country situated in western part of Africa. Despite the challenges the nation has been facing lately, there are still beautiful cities in Nigeria good for tourism with great tourist attractions that would wow you.

The beautiful cities in Nigeria are not just beautiful on their own but fascinating with rich historical background, sites and artefacts, natural resources and rich cultural heritage. We have come up with a list of beautiful cities in Nigeria good for tourism purposes listed in no particular order.

Beautiful Cities Nigeria Good for Tourism

  1. Abuja

Abuja is the federal capital of Nigeria and it’s situated in FCT, Abuja. It is one of the most developed and most beautiful cities in Nigeria. It is not just the federal capital, but is the seat of power. There is a general believe that in Abuja, life is good. No matter the class one finds his or herself, there is a place for everyone to feel the city. There are different places good for sightseeing that will make your visit there a memorable one. These places include Millennium Park and Jabi Lake, Zuma rock is another place. There are places one can go for hiking and also nice stores and shops for those who love going for shopping. In fact, Abuja will give you great value for your money.

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  1. Lagos

Lagos is unarguably the commercial capital of Nigeria and West Africa. It is a city situated in Lagos State in South-West, Nigeria. Lagos is separated by water bodies into two parts called Mainland and Island.  The night life in Lagos is something that would wow you as night in Lagos is like daylight. There are many places one can visit for fun such as clubs, beaches, malls and so on. However, there are so many tourist centers to visit. It is also the home of Fela’s shrine, FESTAC town and a host of other tourist centers.

  1. Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt otherwise known as the Garden City or “Centre of Black Jewel” (Crude oil), is a city situated in Rivers State, South-South Nigeria. This town is known for so many things one of which is its diverse rivers and sea foods. It is also home to many multinational companies most of which are into Oil and Gas exploration. PH as fondly called, is home to many tourist sites such as the Isaac Boro Park, Pleasure Park, Bonny Island, Ifoko Beach, Abonnema Beach and a host of many others. Port Harcourt is also known for its special delicacy called Bole and Fish.

  1. Enugu

Enugu which is a city situated in Enugu State, South-East Nigeria, is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. The city is popular called “Coal City” because of its mining activities. It is one of the oldest cities in Nigeria. The city of Enugu is loved not just because of its coal mining, but because of its notable tourist centers. This include Awhum Waterfall, Nmanwu cultural dance and its special Abacha delicacy and a host of many others. Life in Enugu is vibrant and highly commercialized.

  1. Kano

Kano city is situated in Kano State in Northern Nigeria. It is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Nigeria. It is also an ancient city which happens to be the pride of the northerners. There is an international airport in the city of Kano, and a number of tourist  attractions for tourists. These include Gidan Makama Museum, Bagauda Lake, Tiga Lake Resort and Kofar Mata Dyeing Pit amongst others. There is a major annual festival called the Durbar Festival. This is hosted by the Emir of Kano to celebrate the two annual Islamic festivals; Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. A visit to this city will wow you.

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  1. Jos

Jos is a beautiful city situated in Plateau State, Nigeria. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. It is however, loved by many people for its weather condition which is like the European weather as it most times snows in the city. The standard of living is very affordable in the city of Jos. The city boasts of many tourist attractions such as two museums, wildlife park and game reserve. Striking hills and breathtaking waterfalls and the Ten commandments statue.

  1. Calabar

The city of Calabar is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. The city is situated in Cross River State in South-South, Nigeria and is home to the famous Obudu Cattle Ranch and Tinapa Resort. There are a host of many historical sites. It is said that it was the first city visited by the Colonial masters when they arrived Nigeria. The city attracts a host of many visitors especially during its annual Calabar Carnival hosted in December every year and attracts a host of many foreigners. This carnival is said to be the biggest street carnival in Africa it entertains diverse colorful cultural costumes are displayed. Therefore, if you are thinking of visiting Nigeria for tourism purposes or already in Nigeria and thinking on going for domestic tourism, then Calabar in Cross Rivers State is the place to be.

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